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Frequently Asked Questions Reverse Email Lookup

How does finding an email work?

Our Email Search scans lots of places to find the email owner's name and social media accounts. If there's enough information, it puts everything together into a simple report.

What information can a background search show?

A background search tool can find a lot of hidden information. This includes secret online activity and various user profiles, public records that aren't easy to find like criminal history and arrests, financial records, assets, and more.

What type of information might a background search reveal?

Most background searches show detailed personal and contact details, social media accounts, any related data breaches with all leaked or compromised information, identity and user IDs, property, business, and financial information, among other things.

Are there any limitations on using background searches?

Our background search reports can't be used to decide if someone is suitable for a job, to screen tenants, or for credit or insurance reasons.

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